Our Mission

Our mission is to augment human ability and help shape the future of work, with robotic systems that are collaborative and intuitive to work with. We envision a future, where robots and humans work together to inform and affect each other and enable enterprises for the on-demand economy – with production systems that are flexible, connected and intelligent.

To make this vision a reality,
we founded Svaya Robotics

We are focused on building collaborative robots that are intuitive, intelligent and predictable to work alongside people. Our firsthand experience working with small and large enterprises has given us crucial insight to inform and guide us in the development of our breakthrough products and technology.


We assembled a passionate team of engineers that combine practical expertise in engineering design, manufacturing, industrial automation, electronics, software engineering and human-robot interaction. They combine their uncompromising engineering mindset with unwavering focus to understand customer problems firsthand, so that they can get the most out of our products and the technology platform.


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