We are making robots that are human-centered and adaptive

We work with an engineering mindset to unlock possibilities for enterprises to help shape their competitive edge.


Reduction in Rework


Product Engineering Efficiency


Installation Time

Making it better together

Svaya brings collaborative robots that work with and alongside people enabling new levels of productivity, quality, and flexibility, while reliving people for more creative work – we make it better together!


Create fluid workflows that make the best of both humans and robots. They can be deployed out of the box in any existing production setup and be accessible to anyone. Our Robots can be quickly reconfigured for new tasks with minimal downtime.


Now you don’t have to choose between people and automation or for that matter between flexibility and productivity. Our robots can automate routine tasks with utmost efficiency, while relieving people for more creative and productive works.


With advanced built-in force-torque sensing, our robots can handle unstructured tasks and adapt to process variations, thus enabling applications that scale across production.

Simplified automation for any setup, by anyone

We believe automation should be available, accessible and adaptive in any setup and anytime and we are on a mission to make it possible. Our collaborative robots are easy to deploy in any setup and are equally easy to changeover between tasks. Our intuitive interface shifts the paradigm from programming to interactive teaching making them accessible to anyone, with no prior experience or expertise.

Enabling new possibilities

We combine our uncompromising engineering mindset with unwavering focus to understand customer problems firsthand – reimagining workflows to automate routine tasks and enable productive human-robot collaboration. It has never been simpler. Are you ready?

We are hiring!

Define the future of work with us

Svaya Robotics promotion for Automation Expo 2024, showcasing a robotic arm with event details: August 21-24, Hall 2, Stall 22/25. The image features the tagline 'Your Work, Your Way' and the company's logo