Our Story

The future of work is productive interplay between humans and robots and Svaya Robotics Pvt. Ltd., was founded to make that future possible. We bring robots, that work with and alongside people enabling collaborative workflows that unlock new possibilities for businesses and make their operations flexible, productive and adaptive to changing demand.
We are focused on bringing accessible robots, that are simple, convenient and reliable to be deployed anywhere, anytime and by anyone. To achieve this, we develop and build all of the technology that powers it, from robots to software to algorithmic stack. Our human-in-the-loop robotics go beyond simple automation, to combine human creativity with robotic precision and reliability – we make it better together!

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a future where robots and people inform and affect each other for more productive work, and we are on a mission to make it possible – Better Together!


We assembled a world-class engineering team across disciplines combining deep engineering expertise with technology and innovation. Our robots are only a beginning, and with unwavering passion we continue to develop technologies across advanced perception, adaptive motion planning, human-robot interaction, and AI/ML to enable radical new applications with transformative possibilities to shape future production eco-systems.

We are hiring!

Define the future of work with us