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Job Responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for motion planning of robots in real-world structured and unstructured spaces dealing with detection and tracking of dynamic obstacles
  • You will develop full multi-body dynamics models of robots to simulate and understand their dynamic behavior and help to optimize the design and come up with optimal motion planning algorithms and their implementation into our software
  • Collaborate with other cross-functional product design/software engineering teams to provide feedback and input for future product development activities
  • Participate and assist with high-level analysis, design, test procedures and code reviews


  • MTech/ PhD in mechanical, aerospace engineering or related discipline

Key Skills & Experience

  • Solid background in multi-body dynamics theory, analysis and simulation
  • Good understanding of motion planning, coordination and control of multi-degree of freedom systems like articulated robotic arms
  • Experience using Matlab/ Simulink or similar for model-based systems engineering
  • Experience in C, C++, Python
  • Experience developing software as part of a team
  • Strong communication, and presentation skills
  • A willingness to explore new technologies and unfamiliar concepts
  • Experience working in a collaborative software team, applying agile development practices and software engineering tools (Git, CMake, CI, gdb, Jira, Jenkins etc.)
  • Good knowledge of control systems engineering
  • Robotics experience is a plus but not essential
  • Knowledge of Linux, and development on Linux system